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2013 – Newsletter 1

Kendall Community Preschool

Newsletter 1

Welcome to 2013

It has been a very busy start to the year, with new people to meet, a new environment to explore, and lots of routines to become familiar with.  With this in mind, we have packed this newsletter with reminders, updates, info and even requests for help – plus a bit about the events coming up this year at Kendall Community Preschool.  Enjoy!!

*Our preschool will be undergoing the Assessment and Rating process under the National Quality Standards. We will be visited by an assessor and have our work thoroughly examined and rated. Stay tuned for more information!

Coming Events

Garden Working Bee & Welcome Picnic – to help keep the gardens tidy and beautiful we ask families to come along to preschool and volunteer some time to work in the garden. After the work’s done we enjoy a picnic lunch together, chat and meet new families. Date – to be advised.

Fundraising Bunnings BBQ – to keep costs down, we will be fundraising with the BBQ at Port Macquarie Bunnings on Sunday 10th March. Please help at the stall and invite others to see you there and buy a sausage sandwich!

Parent and Management Committee Meeting – next meeting is on Tuesday 5th March, 2013, 6:30pm at preschool. All welcome. Please email any items for the agenda to preschool.

Roadside Herb and Bushfood Community Garden Official Opening – date to be confirmed – the whole Kendall community will be invited to the opening of the newest Kendall Community Garden at our preschool. Will be a very big event so stay tuned!

Barefoot Bowls – Sunday 5th May at the Camden Haven Bowling Club, Kew for our Mother’s Day celebration! Raffle Draw to take place then too!.

The Egg Shop

The Egg Shop…

Do you love fresh eggs? Well, the preschool chooks can help you out! As part of the preschooler’s work each day, they collect the chooks eggs and package them up ready for sale in the Preschool Egg Shop located on the sign-in table. As the money is collected, the children graph their earnings and purchase the food and straw the chooks need – developing real-life entrepreneurial skills!

For only 50c per 4 pack, these fresh eggs are the cheapest in town!!

Latest news….

Kendall’s Next Community Garden – Located at Preschool!

Behind the Kendall Community Preschool’s fences are beautiful gardens that feed not only our tummies, but also the senses as well as every child’s need to explore and be curious in the natural environment.

Many children who have attended Kendall Community Preschool over the years would fondly remember the gardens as a special place where friendships were made, frogs were found and exploring took place. In recent years, preschoolers would also come to know about all of the food trees and vegetables that can be picked and eaten throughout the gardens too, and although they may not know it, they have been provided with ways to connect with the environment, to appreciate food sources and natural systems.

In order to share these understandings with the wider community that the children and their teachers and families are part of, the preschool applied for a grant from Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to create a ‘Roadside Herb and Bushfood Community Garden’ for Kendall.

Inspired by the way the Global Garden at the Kendall Community Centre has brought so many people together, we hope to invite the Kendall Community to have a ‘taste’ of the work of its preschool community through a shared garden too.

We plan to have a variety of herbs and other interesting edibles growing permanently in the garden with a meandering path for people to wander along as they experience the sights and smells or to pick some herbs to enhance their own home-cooked meals from the garden!

We hope everyone in the local community will feel free to use the garden, and with this in mind, we are asking the community for some help in contributing to the garden’s development. At Kendall Community Preschool we proudly have a strong focus on sustainability and recycling and we would like these sentiments to be evident in the ‘Roadside Herb and Bushfood Community Garden’. We will be feeding the garden with our own compost made from garden and food scraps collected at preschool. The Riding for the Disabled Association Kendall has provided us with plenty of horse poo and we asked Glenn Norrie from Steve Norrie Fencing to use recycled wood where he could in our garden’s fence. Even the paint that Adam Holster from Holster Painting Contractors has spruced up the fence with, was excess paint! And when Paul Smith from Camden Haven Excavations scraped off the grass, we re-used it all to add more green grass the preschool’s chook house! We are really trying to make good use of resources where we can!

To continue in this vein, we would like donations of large pre-loved/pre-used containers that can be used as planters in the garden. Other items that people have already kindly donated include: old excavator ‘wheels’; a concrete laundry sink; pieces of concrete pipe; a couple of big soup pots; an unwanted bath tub; and even an old drum cut in two! We hope to have many more donations that will demonstrate creative recycling and if you have any items that you would like to offer to preschool for this project, please call Sooz at the preschool on 6559 4555.

Donations of herbs, seedlings, seeds, time and/or best wishes will also be gratefully accepted! So, when you see preschoolers and their families and other community members tending to the garden, please come along, introduce yourself, join us in the garden and even pick some oregano to take home with you to put into your spaghetti bolognaise!!

Keep an eye out for the official opening of the preschool’s ‘Roadside Herb and Bushfood Community Garden’ in a few months’ time, which will also be a wonderful way for Kendall Community Preschool to celebrate its 25 years as part of the community of Kendall! What a Birthday Party it will be this year at Kendall Community Preschool and it will be wonderful to have the whole community involved.


The Health of our Preschoolers…

It is always great to receive feedback at preschool because this helps us to know where we can improve our ways of working and it also shows us when there are things that need clarification. We don’t know when there are problems unless someone begins a conversation with us!

A few families have mentioned that they would like a little more information about the preschool’s nutrition and food requirements. This is an important topic not only for the preschool’s families in attendance, but for the health of our children in the wider society generally.

Kendall Community Preschool proudly endeavours to improve the health of children and sees one of its primary functions in this area to be raising the awareness and insisting on healthier food choices for the preschoolers enrolled here. While we know that many families always offer good food to their children, packing morning tea and lunches can sometimes require a little more inspiration! And in this area, we are happy to help!!

Nutrition Australia states that to be healthy, children should be provided with half of their recommended daily intake of nutrients while they are attending a preschool or care setting, since they are in attendance for up to 8hrs each day. While our preschool Nutrition Policy sets out some ideas for foods that can be sent to preschool to ensure that minimum servings are achieved, there are lots of resources that can be used to help you make good decisions for your child’s lunch box while they are at preschool.

There is also plenty of opportunity to save money while stocking the fridge and pantry. Did you know that a 1kg bag of carrots costs around $1.80, contains 11 or 12 carrots (which is 11 or 12 serves of vegetables), lasts about 2 weeks in the fridge and is a better choice than a ‘roll-up’ which works out at $4.30 for a 6 pack (6 snacks), about $43.00 per kg and just over 17% of the product is sugar (despite having 40% less sugar!)?

Some helpful websites with interesting food ideas include: http://pinterest.com/kimb3rhill/making-lunch-fun/




Over the next few months the preschoolers will be looking at their lunchboxes with a view to creating a pamphlet full of the yummy foods (that are also healthy choices) that come into preschool. We hope that this will provide families with another source of ideas for filling healthy lunch boxes. Lynn and Margaret will also be attending the ‘Munch and Move’ educator seminars as part of their professional development, so they will be able to help with current information about healthy food habits too.

If foods that aren’t really suitable for consumption at preschool arrive, we will happily do a fruit swap. Your child chooses a piece of fruit in exchange for the unhealthy item and we’ll send it home for eating at another time. If you want to take a look at the Nutrition Policy, we have a laminated copy on the notice board near the sign-in table and you can be part of the policy review process in 2014.

Please email any other tips, ideas and websites that you feel will be useful to others – we’d love to hear from you!

Have you tried…

Cucumber Moons – halve a 5cm piece of cucumber along its length (peel it if you like). Scoop seeds out with a spoon, slice thinly into moons!

Beach Balls – (makes 2, so great for another sibling or your own morning tea) Cut an orange into an even number of segments. Cut a similar-sized apple into the same number of segments (take seeds out). Fit them back into a ball shape with the same number of segments, alternating between orange then apple segments!

Traffic Light Toothpicks – thread a green grape then a small chunk of cheese then a tiny-tim tomato onto a toothpick.

Watermelon Shapes – cut thin slices of watermelon. Press out any kind of shapes with cookie cutters (try stars, hearts etc.). Use all the off-cut pieces in a fruit salad for dessert or add them to tinned fruit pieces to make a fruit salad go further.

Remember: healthy bodies mean that children have more stable behaviour, better brain function and development as well as greater concentration leading to better learning outcomes.

Our Beloved Chook Mrs McKenzie

Poor Mrs McKenzie passed away on 13th February after suffering an injury.

The oldest member of the flock was loved by many years of preschoolers and her gentle nature meant that she also taught many children who were cautious about chooks how to love them. She will be greatly missed by all who had their first cuddle of a chook with Mrs McKenzie. Thank you to our vet Gavin Rippon from Camden Haven Veterinary Clinic, who cared for her at his hospital during this sad time.

 Every day at Preschool, children need to bring…








*please ensure all food containers (including packaging) has the child’s name written on it, so staff can be sure that children have their correct meals and snacks.


Preschool Diary Books…

Have you missed reading the Daily Diary on the laptop at pick up time?

Do you want to remember a special event?

Do you want to show Grandma what your child learns about at preschool?

Then borrow a Diary Book overnight!

They are available on the sign-in table; please let a staff member know that you’re interested in borrowing one!!

Your comments are welcome on comments pages in the book.

Thanks to our volunteering families so far in 2013…

Hayley’s family – mowing & management committee & Mother’s Day Raffle organisation

Mitchell’s family – mowing

Ruby’s family – management committee

 Ben’s family – art resources for felting and drawing

Zoe’s family – management committee & Bunnings BBQ Organisation

Kendall Community Preschool Bunnings Fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Port Macquarie
Sunday 10th March 8am-4pm
Even only an hour will help, sign-up at the sign-in table!


Mother’s Day Raffle

Every now and then those women in our lives need a little pampering!!

Mums, Nonnas, Grandmas, Aunties, Nannas, Sisters, Grannies everywhere… they all contribute to our lives

and the prizes in our Mother’s Day Raffle really say I love you and thanks for everything!!

Tickets will be handed out for families to sell to very soon!

Policies for review in 2013…

Child Protection




Medical Conditions and Illness Management

First Aid

Ethical Conduct

Policies are always being reviewed and updated, and these ones are up next!!


Any other contributions for further newsletters are welcome – please email contributions to preschool.
See you at preschool soon!




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