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About Kendall Community Preschool

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Hours of Operation
8am to 4pm, 48 weeks a year

Kendall Community Preschool has been assessed and rated and has achieved an overall rating of ‘Exceeding the National Standard’.
We are an accredited long day care service, licensed for 25 children aged between 3-5 years each day. Families are eligible to apply for the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate through centrelink.

Community Ownership
Our goal is to develop a sense of ownership within the community where children and families take pride in the learning experiences they share at Kendall Community Preschool. Our preschool is a place to lose yourself in time, and enjoy being with your child outdoors, turning the compost, feeding the chickens, watering the vegetables, or planting a seedling from home. When families become involved in the preschool, children begin to develop a real ownership over this special space. With this in mind, we strongly encourage families to embrace Kendall Community Preschool as a space for the family, not just the enrolling child.

We do not subscribe to a ‘school readiness’ program, but provide opportunities for children to build knowledge and experience, to enjoy the process of acquiring knowledge and to engage in critical, creative thought. Through this process, children will develop the skills and attitudes that will enable them to contribute to a community in positive ways.

Healthy Eating Practices
Our Nutrition Policy has been created by the committee, with input from families, Community Health Dietitians, and Nutrition Australia. Children and families are encouraged to provide healthy, nutritious meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Throughout the year, we invite dietitians to the preschool to speak with families, and we are building a relationship with a dietitian to provide regular information for families. Our role is to find out information about best practice for healthy eating, and we provide this for families who make decisions about healthy choices. We provide excellent models for developing healthy eating practices, providing healthy snacks for children and families at events, as well as promoting organic free range produce wherever possible.

Hands On Learning
Part of genuine experiences for children involves regular opportunities to play with, and explore mud. Our mud patch is a safe, hygienic and appropriate experience for children to build their understanding of the world. Therefore, we encourage children to dress appropriately so that they may participate in these often messy experiences. Children have built bird feeders, use drills, hammers, and saws to extend their ideas, and to build more understanding about how the world works. These understandings about the world make sense when children are engaged. With support of family members with knowledge, and the community, this information can be shared in ways that make sense to children, therefore, families are a critical resource for constructing knowledge at preschool.

Building Our Knowledge of the World
We see adults within Kendall Preschool as invaluable resources to share information, knowledge and ideas in ways that connect children to interests about the world. We believe in constructing knowledge alongside children, rather than for children, and focus on the process of acquiring new information as important as the knowledge being learned. For this matter, questions that families and children ask are critical in establishing relationships of knowledge. We value the information families hold and provide spaces to unlock and share this knowledge in appropriate ways with children. Parents are the most influential people in children’s lives, and active participation in the construction of knowledge sends powerful messages to children about who they are, and how they are valued.

Nature Based Play
Sticks, stones, shells, seed pods and leaves are regular materials we explore with children in a constructive way. We recognise the challenges these materials may create when used inappropriately, therefore we model safe and appropriate use so that children may engage in creative nature based play that builds creativity, concentration and engagement.

Visualisation and Relaxation
We work closely with community members with knowledge on how to provide a peaceful environment that promotes engagement in creative play. Each day we use visualisation strategies to refocus children, engage in sensory exploration to explore the world, and set up a restful environment using relaxation music, visual stories and mood lamps. We believe these elements support an environment that allows children to unwind, to connect with the resources, and to become independent when expressing emotions appropriately.

Children have agency
We advocate children’s voices, by listening carefully to what children are saying. Where appropriate, we provide mediums for children’s voices to be heard in the community, through newsletters, writing letters to the newspaper, or encouraging community members to visit and hear what children have to say.