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Indigenous Connections

Kendall Community Preschool and the Indigenous Community – Supporting Inclusive Practices

Kendall Preschool is committed to building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships with the Traditional Custodians of the Land, the Biripi People. Regular consultation with key community members, including Elders and recognized community members, Land Councils and local families has been identified as the most appropriate means for building positive relationships. We are committed to providing all children and families with real, meaningful experience that build respect and knowledge for Aboriginal People and the Aboriginal Culture. The implementation of De Bono’s 6 thinking hats, and the creation of a ‘Red, Black and Yellow’ hat has enabled the preschool to implement a holistic inclusive program.

We believe the Aboriginal Community provide the ultimate knowledge for developing environmentally sustainable practices, and we value the knowledge and stories that is shared with the preschool community. Recognition of the Traditional Owners/ Custodians of the Land is more that the creation of a sign, or the addition of a flag, and means we need to consider carefully how we represent ideas and information in ways that promote respect and community.

Over time we plan to introduce the Gatthang language of the Biripi people to children and families in formal and informal ways.

We plan to work closely with artists to share knowledge through story, visual arts, dance and drama.
We plan to create an environment that represents the value of inclusion for all children and families, in ways that bridges the gap, and provides a model for other services to follow.

We believe the sharing of information and knowledge during the early years is a critical part of building positive relationships that bind communities. Sharing stories about the land, including Biripi totems, significant landmarks, and traditional knowledge is a step towards providing a holistic education for all children and families.

We have set up an environment that provides opportunities for community members to link with children and traditional learning, through weaving, storytelling, exploration of bush tucker, including Sugar Bag, a product of our native bees.

Opportunities to engage in celebrations, important days and events is a high priority, and an example of this was the turn out of 15 families to celebrate National Tree Day at Bird Tree in the Middle Brother State Forest.

We are excited about our future direction, and recognize the time and space required to build and maintain respectful relationships with the Aboriginal Community. Through collaboration, children, families and the wider community will benefit from our intentional interactions that lead to respect, and create meaningful learning experiences from Traditional Practices and ways of knowing.