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Kendall Community Preschool and its Community

Kendall Community Preschool is embedded in a small community village, committed to new ways of thinking and being. The township of Kendall forms the interactive, community learning environment that allows children and adults to build knowledge together. As we continue to build our connections within the community, the preschool offers many opportunities to link with community in a reciprocal manner.

Several projects in the past few years highlight our connection and commitment to building a learning hub that supports the needs and interests of children, providing an avenue for agency.

Sea Litter Signs
Following growing concern about the effects of sea litter on marine life, the children in 2009 wrote to the local paper, asking people to pick up the rubbish they drop at the beach. This was great, but we raised concern about needing a more permanent reminder, and the idea of creating a sign for the beach began. First, we looked at what information we would need for a sign, and who we thought might read it. These conversations grew with children’s understanding, and unfortunately children’s ideas for Braille on the sign, as well as a solar paneled speaker for people with vision impairments could not be action upon, however, the Council were very active, and worked with children to design a sign, which was constructed and unveiled in September 2010 at North Haven Beach.

We continue to invite artists, tradesmen, musicians, gardeners, storytellers and other community members with information, skills, ideas and stories to share, to become involved in the process of building knowledge with children.

We also opened up the preschool to the community in April 2010 to be part of the Camden Haven Open Gardens, allowing many in the community to spend time in the gardens, experiences what a day at Kendall Preschool is like. Through this event, many conversations about the native bees, chook care, veggies and fruit trees, bush tucker plants, and reptiles emerged, and continue to provide reference points today!

In 2010, Kendall Community Preschool also became a stall holder at Kendall: The Good Life, a day long event for the wider community to visit Kendall and learn about environmentally friendly ways to live. We hope to continue to open our doors to the community and provide opportunities for deeper learning with children.

In 2011, we aim to provide families and the community with workshops regarding rethinking early childhood, as well as engaging in constructive thought around issues such as Environmental Sustainability, Community Partnerships, Storytelling, Meditation and Visualisation with children.