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Opening of the Roadside Herb and Bushfood Community Garden

Thank you to everyone for their participation in the official drenching of the Roadside Herb and Bushfood Community Garden on last Thursday afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who made such delicious food to share, your generosity was appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who shared a brolly to walk with someone through the garden, there were some great conversations enjoyed and the children shared so much information with many of the visitors.

Thank you to everyone who crossed their fingers that the weather wouldn’t be so bad.

Most of all we would like to thank the incredible staff. They worked joyfully and helped out with the constantly changing ideas for Plans D, E & F right up to whichever plan we ended up on!!
Not only are they all amazing educators in their own ways, they always show a generous spirit, great humour and made sure things were the best that they could be for the opening. They have worked with the children to make the Garden, and the learning experiences associated with it meaningful and beautiful.
Truly special people and we thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Please take a little time to add your comments to the Event Book that will be out on the sign-in table next week.

We love to hear your feedback, suggestions, comments, funny bits and experiences!

We have also ironically and generously been donated a water tank for the Community Garden! Unfortunately it won’t be installed in time for this rain, but keep an eye out for it soon!

Staff will be turning their talents to the very formal process of the National Quality Standards Assessment and Rating of Kendall Community Preschool. The Regulations and standards around Early Childhood Education changed at the start of 2012 so this is the first time that we will be assessed under these new guidelines. We are very proud of the ways we work with the children and the things we value at preschool and we hope that the Assessment and Compliance Officer who comes along on Monday 3rd June will see the fabulous things about Kendall Preschool too.

The next preschool Parent and Committee Meeting is on Tuesday 11th June at 6:30pm, everyone is welcome.

The next big event that requires some organising is the Kendall Community Preschool’s 25th Birthday & Spring Fete. We have a very commited group of people who are keen to gather some volunteers, so next week please sign-up. Keep Saturday 19th October free on your calendar.

Thank you again to all those fantastic people who made the Roadside Herb and Bushfood Community Garden a possibility and a reality!



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