Learning Environments

The environment at Kendall Preschool is not just a place to learn, but we also see it as an important ‘teacher’ as well. Kendall Preschool’s unique Learning Environments invite children to explore materials and spaces that engage their inner curiosity. While the spaces are deliberately aesthetically pleasing and respectfully created, they are functional for preschool learners and encourage children to slow down, deeply explore, test, invent and wonder – which is the true work of preschoolers!

Indoors, the rich learning environment incorporates places for children to work in small groups together to be creative, to read or count or build along with many other things! Over time and with support, the children become skilled at making choices and that generate relationships and see them experience the range of open-ended possibilities available to them.

Outside in the Preschool’s garden, the rich natural environment provides its own resources for the children to use in their learning! Seedpods, edible plants, the mudpatch, sandpit, rocks, pebbles, the chook house, logs and sticks all support children’s imaginations, build strength and confidence and ensure that the children maintain a connection to the natural world, its systems and rhythms. The additional resources that Educators add to the garden space are mainly collections of loose parts for the children to incorporate into their work. Things like shells, lengths of wood, pipe pieces, fabrics, cubby sheets, ropes, carabiners, drawing boards, tools and even handbags and baskets allow children to imagine many ways of using these things in their play!

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