Our Teaching Team

Susan Crowle

Early Childhood Teacher/ Nominated Supervisor

Sooz (she’s usually only ‘Susan’ when she’s in trouble with her mum!) began work at Kendall Community Preschool in 2011 and took over as Director in 2012 after Andrew. She began her teaching career in Canberra developing a small Independent School as the Education Director there. She is always interested in new developments in Early Education and has a developed her teaching philosophy which embraces aspects of the Reggio Emilia Project, Nature Education and The Blue Gum School Approach. Although Sooz would love to be an incredible fisherman, she really is quite terrible at it, but her family indulge her by taking her fishing most weekends! She is happiest digging in the compost, playing in the mud patch, telling stories and listening to the amazing imaginations, conversations and problem-solving techniques of preschoolers.

Helen Brockbank

Office Manager

Helen is the very efficient Office Manager at Kendall Community Preschool. She always has her ‘finger on the pulse’ and juggles budgets and wish lists with great prowess! Her helpful nature means that she can answer the trickiest questions – even the ones to do with Child Care Subsidy!! Although she has travelled extensively & loves the environment in Africa, Helen and her family enjoy caring for all of their animals on the family farm and living sustainably. She is also the ‘go to’ girl for advice on good coffee and good places to eat out!

Lynn Wilkes


Lynn is a long-serving educator, beginning her career at Kendall Preschool in 1992 after working in Port Macquarie. During this time, Lynn has become an integral part of the preschool, with her connections to the local community and her commitment to supporting all of the children who attend Kendall Preschool being very important aspects of her work. ‘Miss Lynn’ has completed her Certificate III in Children’s Services, yet her knowledge, experience, patience and intuition with children and families is beyond measuring on paper! Lynn is very active in the community, spending much of her time with her children and her beautiful grandchildren and catching up with friends. Lynn has a particular passion for the health of children – not just her own children or the children at preschool, but also the health of young children in general. She always encourages fitness, movement and good, natural food-oriented nutrition to ensure the growth of healthy well-balanced young people.

Emily Rathbone


Emily’s energy and enthusiasm has been a welcome and wonderful addition to our preschool teaching team! Emily is enjoying challenging herself to reflect on lots of ways of working with preschoolers to ensure they develop a sense of caring for the community and the wellbeing of those around them. She is the perfect person to share this knowledge, as these aspects of empathy and care for others are a significant part of her own personality! Always considerate of with those in need, she recently gave up her long locks as part of the World’s Greatest Shave to raise money for others!

Kirsty Halliday


Kirsty’s passion for encouraging children to be more active has seen her plan and create all kinds of interesting gross motor physical challenges at preschool. A sporty person herself, she enjoys passing on her knowledge & skills so that the preschoolers can have the best chance to use their bodies in coordinated, strong ways. Kirsty’s newly discovered joy for growing all sorts of veggies has seen her family growing and selling all kinds of produce too!

Cathy Steinmetz

Preschool Assistant

Miss Cathy has been a member of the preschool team since the preschool opened in 1988! She has always been a favourite with the children, having ‘eaten’ more sand pies specially made for her than she can even remember! Her life-long connection with the Kendall community is very strong and she’s often seen out and about, especially in her self-appointed role of being the quality control tester for cakes, biscuits & muffins at lots of local cafés!

The Preschool Chook Flock

Feathered Professors

The Kendall Community Preschool chooks have a special role at preschool! Not only are they our chief food scrap recyclers, they teach the preschool children how to nurture, to develop empathy, and to take care and enjoy closeness with living things. Under their expert tutorage, all aspects of chook care, responsibility and love are mastered by each preschool group!

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