Enrolment at Kendall Community Preschool

We encourage interested families to call the preschool and arrange an appointment to visit, meet the staff and wander around the environment with Helen or Sooz as an informal opportunity to learn more about what we do and why. Kendall Community Preschool is a very unique place with a ‘feel’ and culture all of its own!

At the time of this visit, families are provided with a Parent Information Booklet and are invited to complete an Application for the Waiting List form so that we  can set up the family on the online portal and have the family details for further contact should a place become available. Kendall Community Preschool has worked hard to develop and maintain a very positive reputation within the local community, and this can mean that there is often a waiting list for enrolment, and we only consider those on the waiting list for a place.

When Kendall Community Preschool offers a place in one of the preschool groups, a family will be required to formalise the enrolment by completing an online enrolment form, supplying the Immunisation History Statement from Medicare, the child’s birth certificate and paying a deposit of 2 weeks’ full fees plus an $11 membership fee. After these requirements have been met, a start date will be confirmed.

Children who will begin their enrolment at the start of a preschool year will be invited, along with their families, to an Orientation Morning held late in the year prior to their preschool year. This a wonderful chance to enjoy the preschool environment, meet the teachers and the chooks as well as meet some of the children they will get to know in the following year. A small bag of preschool treasures given at the Orientation Morning will help children to look forward to their new adventures at Kendall Community Preschool, and will invite them to begin imagining and being curious about their world.

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